Mouth and Dental Diseases

Our mouth carries a hell of an army of germs and bacteria every day

bpd1Our mouth carries a hell of an army of germs and bacteria every day. Some bacteria are less harmful, while others get hold of our teeth and cause them to ace and make our life miserable. On daily basis we should definitely make that our teeth are in a perfect healthy state and for the attainment of such goals we are suppose to make sure that we take all vital measurements for a good dental health. Dental health does not mean merely to brush your teeth regularly and that’s all. It means to make sure there is no other way that bacteria in the mouth makes camp there and starts playing its own tricks which can put you in severe toothache and other pains and despair and dental diseases.

Dental Diseases


One of the major causes of patients running to the dentists is toothache. The irritation in a tooth which results in a severe ache is caused by a large number of problems which are commonly known as infections, gum diseases and decay. Sinus or an infection in the ear can also take you through a horrible phase by giving you tension in the facial muscles and that is somewhat close to toothache. Gum diseases, inflammation of pulp and grinding teeth during sleep can give also you a heck of a bad toothache.

Tooth Decay

Dental caries or cavities can also be referred to as tooth decay. It usually occurs in children and people who have aged. The main cause of tooth decay is the forming of the sticky film of bacteria while you intake a lot of sugars or starches, and these particles make camp in your tooth. Thanks to fluoride toothpastes which are serving as a shield for tooth decay for older adults and children who get a tooth decay easily. We will not need to pay a visit to the dentist for such a problem if we have fine fluoride floss every day.

Oral cancer

This is one of the most dangerous and deadly dental diseases. It has affected millions of people across the globe and according to a study after every hour during a day one patient looses their life due to oral cancer. . Oral cancer when pertains starts from the mouth to lips and throat. Oral cancer looks like having unusual red or white skin patches inside the mouth or on the tongue or lips. Along with that there is visible swelling in the head and the neck. It can be easily cured during the very early stages of the disease. The common causes of oral causes are the excessive use of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

Basically temporomandibular joint is the connections of the jaw to the bones of the skull, which makes your jaw make movements and helps you, chew yawn and talk. Injury to the jaw or the muscles of the neck can leave you in despair which is a lead point to TMD. This dental problem can also be caused by excessive stress. It usually occurs amongst patients between the ages of 20-40 yrs.

Enamel Erosion

All those of you who have great love for fizzy and citric drinks need to be careful because these drinks can easily damage the surface of your teeth by making them wear out near the gums and can change their color as well. The best way to prevent enamel erosion is to avoid fizzy drinks and have a proper intake of water daily. Do not use hard brushes to clean your teeth instead use an electric brush or a brush which is soft

Having dental Diseases or problems can never be easy because it takes a lot of heart to bear the aches and the trouble of such aches. Dental Diseases or problems can never be treated with home remedies instead a regular checkup within after every 3 months is necessary for healthy teeth. It is very essential for the patient to consult the dentist if there is any problem while chewing, swallowing, or speaking. Dental checkups of the entire mouth can be very useful for the patients with dental problems because it can keep you away from a lot of pain and stress in life.

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