armenia-operaIn most European countries and even US or Canada, dental care is extremely expensive and only basic treatments are covered by health insurance plans. Today’s unhealthy lifestyle, diets and longer lifespans than previous generations used to have, gradually increased the demand for qualitative and professional dental works. Prices for extensive reconstructive and restorative procedures or complicated surgery can run up to several thousands of euros, but fortunately nowadays patients don’t need to sacrifice quality for costs reasons. Private clinics from developing countries, like Armenia, can provide the same high standards treatments and procedures as any other developed country for a fraction of their cost. For personalized consultancy and a detailed treatment plan please contact our specialists. This has caused Armenia to be one of the first dental tourism targets.

Dental Tourism


Dentistry in Armenia is well suited both for tourists visiting the country, and there are plenty of places to visit, and for business travelers that are pleasantly surprised to find out that they can associate their trip with a high quality dental treatment. Besides work proficiency, our clinic is both also offer a wide range of services, from dental implants to cosmetic surgery, all for very affordable prices. Also, patients will be greeted by polite, multilingual and educated personnel.

Our team of highly qualified  doctors is specialized in all areas of dentistry and can provide complete solutions recognized worldwide. We understand the importance of progress and continuous learning in this domain, therefore our specialists are constantly attending training courses in order to always be up to date with the latest technologies. We also consistently invest in the latest and most performant  equipment in order to make sure our patients always receive the best solution for their dental problems.

My CIty Dentist out-door viewWe know that visiting a foreign country for the first time might feel uncomfortable for some of our patients, and therefore we are prepared to provide them with a completely organized trip, for whith everything will be taken care of, from accommodation, travel arrangements to a list with places they might like to visit during their staying and treatment in Armenia. Wether they enjoy mountain trips, seaside relaxation, medieval fortresses and historical sites or even out of the ordinary tours of Churches Museums,Garni-Geghard, we are sure Armenian cities and sceneries will satisfy the most sophisticated and demanding tastes

Patients from Asia have also options when it comes to benefiting from high quality dental services at very affordable prices, as we can put them in contact with our partner dental clinic in Thailand or in Dubai. We have also partners in Mexico for patients living in USA who are interested in spending a fine vacation not far away from home.